Talent agency and management

We put talent first.

Exclusive talent management agency for a limited number of top talents, who want to make the fullest of their potential.

Let us handle it

We handle contact & contract negotiations with teams and brands, so our talent can focus on being the best at what they do.

Our talent is kept oriented with all significant movements in the process of his case and will always have the final say. We run a strictly no cure, no pay operation.

Close relations

We work closely with our talents to provide the best solutions, to fit their needs.

We do proactive career planning, we are always up to date with market trends, salary levels and upcoming roster movements.

Whether it's career, legal, financial or just a friendly advice, we are available with daily support 24/7.

Trust in numbers

92% of consumers trust an influencer more than an advertisement or traditional celebrity endorsement.

We help develop, position and evolve your personal brand globally.


No two partnerships are the same, but all reflect on the talents own brand. How you are perceived depends on who you work with.

Your ambitions set the tone. We'll open the doors to our network.

Socials strategy

We don't just play the game, we teach talents how to master the moves. We are not your social media manager, but rather your strategic ally.

Clever communication is a key part of any business. Socials are an integrated part of that as well.

The best in the business!

My journey as a Counter-Strike coach with teams like Astralis, Vitality and Team Falcons has been greatly enhanced by DayZero. Their widespread connections in every corner of gaming and esports, and their adeptness in facilitating key career moves have been invaluable. Their deep understanding and commitment to my professional growth have been pivotal in my coaching career. I highly recommend DayZero to anyone looking to reach new heights.

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