Brand relevancy
through gaming.

We build gaming experiences, tournaments, hang-out places and custom maps using platforms and games. Connecting brands with their audiences in engaging and relevant ways.

Brands we have "gamified"

Brand relevancy
through gaming.

We build gaming experiences, tournaments, hang-out places and custom maps using platforms and games. Connecting brands with their audiences in engaging and relevant ways.

Brands we have "gamified"

3.2 billionpeople play video games  worldwide

350 mio.

registered users in Fortnite.
They recently broke their record of concurrent players in a single day, with 46 million players.

200+ mio.

monthly active players in Roblox. Some experiences in Roblox can have up to 1 million players active at the same time.


of Gen Z & Millennial males say it is cool to player video games.

71% call themselves a "Gamer"


of Gen Z thinks styling their avatar is more important than their physical self.


... gaming experiences that your target groups and communities want to engage with.

"Gaming experiences" is an umbrella term for any gaming related activation your brand needs that engages with your audience in the best way.

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... and monetize your audience attention, gain relevancy in the gaming space.

Marketing through gaming can be done with monetary benefit for your business. This can mitigate the cost of the activation itself.

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... and recruit current and new employees through gaming experiences for entertainment and team building.

Meet your employees in their hobbies, create a recruitment strategy that talks to your potential employees through common interest.

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There is no whitelabel solution for brand relevancy

It is important to us that your specific needs and target groups are hit when partnering with DayZero. Together we will gamify your brand towards your customers, employees and community.

Community engagement and tap-in

We aim to create gravitation points in existing communities through branded gaming "metaverses" that tap in to popular gaming trends.

We can help creators, brands, and publishers make a long-term impact across the gaming industry.

Strengthen and consolidate your existing community

Whether your brand community is one of employees or fans we think its important to meet them in their world and their interests.

Recruitment or employee happiness through gaming experiences is a new world, and a world that we specialize in.

Community Heroes instead of Influencers

DayZero started as a player and talent agency. We house some of the best esports players, coaches and content creators in the world. We know how to help them grow, and how they can help brands be relevant.

Our Community Heroes

Creative concept, solid execution

DayZero is an exclusive gaming and esport agency, helping talents and creators fulfill their potential and brands and organisations navigate the wild waters of gaming and esport.DayZero holds profound experience from sport, entertainment and gaming industries and provide its services in our three main verticals:

Talent Management
Brand Services

DayZero combine a long record of strong results supporting and negotiating contracts for top pro soccer players for more than 25 years with building strong brand and properties like Brøndby IF, Astralis and BLAST and creating award winning sponsorship and commercial activities for brands like Red Bull, Elgiganten, AUDI, Jack & Jones, Haribo, Orkla etc.

Extensive experience building entertainment concepts and commercializing these in any way from PR, sponsorships, ticketing to merchandise and F&B.

About us / Contact

Jordi Roig
CEO & Co-Founder

Lifelong background in commercial development on sport & entertainment. Last 5 years in esport, pioneering concepts and methods in esports with CS:GO team Astralis and global tournament BLAST.
Simon Ottesen
Project Manager

A swiss army knife with a strong digital background in content creation, communication and journalism. An avid gamer by heart. Previously worked at DreamHack Sports Games, TV 2, Astralis & BLAST.
Michal Galewski
Gaming Experience & Product Lead

10+ years of gaming & esports experience. Former Co-Owner of, & Head of Content at, 2x CS:GO major attending esports club Copenhagen Flames. Better known as "ThePolishDane"
Thomas Rudbeck & Co

Strong background in the financial industry, representing Cofoco group who holds a widespread portfolio of investments in hotels, restaurants, etc
Ivan Marko Benes

+25 years helping top soccer talents such as Nicklas Bendtner, Joakim Mæhle and Mikkel Damsgaard reach global elite. Focus on long sighted talent development through personal and close relations with clients.

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