Create. Capture. Retain.

DayZero has helped countless companies meet and engage with their target audience on their hometurf; gaming. We can help you create experiences respected by gamers, capture and monetize their play-time and retain current communities or employees with specialized gaming activities. Small or big, we do it all.

our work

Barca Games - the world's first video game platform created by a sports club

A strong way of building brand relevance and drive audience monetization is creating great gaming experiences providing true entertainment value to the audience, while developing and tapping into strong communities.

Biggest Energy Drink brand in the world love gaming

DayZero has 5+ years of inhouse experience producing and organizing Red Bull Denmark and Red Bull Global events.

Events such as Red Bull Flick, SoloQ, Campus Clutch and more.
As well as coming up with custom Red Bull gamemodes and audience activations.

AceZone - The worlds fastest gaming headset

DayZero has proved to more than 500.000 people that AceZone is the right choice for competitive gaming.

Using easy to digest video content, DayZero has created multiple real life examples that show why AceZone headsets are a advantage like no other.

We design gaming
experiences to fit with funnel purpose.

From driving traffic to the activity via Community Heroes and authentic engaging paid media and organic communication, over low entry barrier top funnel gamification, mid funnel community activities to lower funnel traffic creation towards conversion.

All activities are designed to create community feel and keep audience within brand range and potentially connecting activities to brands existing loyalty programs.

8 of out 10 Gen Z and Millennial consumers are playing video games

Everyone loves playing video games. While the share and play time per week decreases with each older generation, it's still a high percentage among "Baby Boomers".

A further deep dive into the numbers show, that gamers have diverse profiles and that they wish to engage beyond simply playing the game.

Examples of activations

Translating brand messaging to the right tone of voice

Headset manufacturer AceZone wanted to display and emphasize just how amazing their microphone noise cancellation really works.

So we brought it out to the noisiest place we could think off: Copenhagen Airport.

The clip generated over 500.000 views in just a matter of hours on different social platforms and sparked the talk, AceZone wanted; "are they really THAT good?"

Watch the video ->

Europe's biggest third party Fortnite tournament is a brand deal

Elgiganten/Elkjøp united the Fortnite community over three years in continuous tournaments.

It housed the biggest Fortnite talents in the world, thousands of viewers across multi-lingual watchparties on Twitch and millions of impressions on Twitter.

Elgiganten/Elkjøp used these broadcasts to:
- market their gaming gear
- host giveaways
- make unique offers and deals in their online stores for those viewers.

Gaming as an employer branding tool

Gaming can be an efficient tool for recruitment and employer branding. Building ongoing internal company communities, creating fun and engaging cross company activities.

Position your company with a tech savvy, digitally native sought after target group, showing that you care and understand their passion.

DayZero founder co-developed award winning campaign with Copenhagen Capacity to attract IT talents for regions IT and software companies at BLAST Pro Series CPH

Campaign results:
- 4.100.000 exposure recipients
- 3246 click through to specific jobs postings
- 31 job matches